Gift #1056: A New Year

Welcome to 2017!  It’s strange to be writing a new year and for the next several weeks I’ll be messing up the date, but a brand new year stands before us.  There will be choices, opportunities, experiences to fill our days again.  One of the rituals I look forward to is selecting a new calendar.  I get one of Colorado scenes for work so I can gaze on my beloved state when I get stressed.  And for home, I like to get a calendar by an artist that I enjoy.  The past several years these have come from Anthropologie and I’ve made jewelry based on each month as a fun personal challenge.  This year it’s a little different and my jewelry inspiration will come from an older calendar.  And for my 2017 calendar, I’ve selected one by a favorite artist – Pamela Zagarenski.

2017 Limited Edition CALENDAR

This is the cover.  I was first introduced to her work at a gift store in Denver and each time I visit I come back with a few of her cards.  Her artwork is beautiful and reminds me of long-lost places and exotic adventures.  They are imbued with a dream-like quality with a bit of whimsy and thought-provoking.  I’m looking forward to spending the year with her work.  This art for January’s month is paired with a quote by Rumi that says “Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder”.  I love this quote and it’s a perfect way to start the year.  This admonition is a call to live beyond oneself; a call to be light, to be a refuge, to be a source of help.  In short, it is to be a blessing and joy to those we meet on life’s path this year.  This is the message I’m holding in my heart as I enter the new year and the prayer with which I cover my life: that God will draw me close to Himself, allow me to reflect the light of His character, and use me to bless and share His love with those around me.

Blessings to you,


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