GIft #1060: Muffin Tin Challenge

Welcome to the results of the Muffin Tin Challenge, hosted by Heather Powers of Humblebeads.  At the start of the year, she hosts a challenge to fill a muffin tin with beaded projects and make as many as you can.  This is my first year to jump in and I really enjoyed the push it gave me to create as many pieces of jewelry as possible.  And tonight you get a tour of my projects over the last week or so.  Here’s how I started the challenge:  muffin tin loaded.


The first projects I created were also fulfilling other challenges for the Art Bead Scene and my personal calendar challenge ( I need to finish up a few months from last year!)  The star of this collection is the enameled mushroom by Anne Gardanne.


The necklace is paired with jasper rounds, Czech beads, Czech flowers, and a disc bead from Humblebeads.  And it’s finished off with faux leather cording.


I love the earrings for this necklace so much.  The colors are very striking and the Humblebeads disc beads are so rich in color and pattern.  They just needed a few golden floral drops to finish them off.


I had some leftover beads and made a coordinating bracelet using the other matching disc bead from the necklace.

Next up was a pair of simple earrings I needed to make to go with the November Art Bead Scene necklace I made last fall.  I ran out of time to do earrings before Christmas activities set in.  These are made with tiny silver owl charms that are similar to the Green Girl owl I used in my necklace.


Also last fall I was working on a necklace using some tourmaline beads that I purchased at the bead show.  I didn’t have a design that I loved, so I put it in the muffin tin challenge to rework elements of the design and get it finished.


I’m very pleased with its simple elegance.  The brass leaf was a charm that I bought from a vendor at the bead show who had tons of great hand-made findings, charms, and pendants.


The earrings I made to match the necklace are delicate with little lacy leaves hanging from the leftover tourmaline beads.

The next set of projects I made were from a couple of kits that I purchased from Humblebeads to go with an online fall retreat class she hosted.  Things got busy and I hadn’t had time to complete all the classes.  These are made from her bangle bracelet tutorial and I made all six in a few hours.  My favorite part was attaching the beads at the end.


This bracelet set is full of dark purples and  and accented with leaves, acorns, and squirrels.


This is a more summery set, with peach and yellow beads, sweet bird nest, and little flowers.  I can’t wait to wear them!

My last set of jewelry is hot off the pliers as I just finished it up a few moments ago.  The focal point of this necklace is an amazing fall birch scene by Humblebeads that was in a bead pack I bought last year.  I’ve been admiring it for some time and found a perfect set of glass beads in my stash.


The piece was originally a toggle, and I tried to use it as a working toggle, but that disrupted the design flow and made the necklace look awkward.  Instead, I wired the toggle bar in place and used it as a pendant.  I accented the beads with tiny navy seed beads, to bring out the blue in the pendant.   To give some interest and break up the beads a bit, I added a birch bead on one side and a navy bird and wood chip.  Those are also from Humblebeads.

And finally, here are the earrings I made: birch beads, Czech glass, and brass leaves (also from the bead show).


I’m really pleased with this set too.  I love the golden hues of autumn and the birch scene in the pendant just makes me so happy.  As much as this reminds me of my favorite season, I don’t think I’ll be waiting till fall to wear it.

14 pieces of jewelry done in about a week!  Thank you all for stopping by to see the creative excitement and the finished pieces.  I’m already looking forward to doing this again next year.


Blessings to you,


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11 Responses to GIft #1060: Muffin Tin Challenge

  1. daswolli says:

    Beautiful! Love the nature theme and the color palettes you picked—especially those amber yellow tones, most people seem to shy away from these.. And you can do no wrong with Czech beads, period. ♥

  2. So many beautiful pieces and art beads! I love the bangles and the birch scene necklace.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Looooove all your pieces – I love the toggle necklace – the colors are awesome!

  4. Lisa says:

    Stunning work!

  5. Kathy Lindemer says:

    Wow~ You were productive! I love the necklace with the toggle as the focal. Very cute! It would have been a shame to hide it in the back of the necklace.

  6. joyjoy says:

    Beautiful! Love the leaf earrings very much. I work with owls so I’m always a fan of those, too.

  7. Michele Dell says:

    Beautiful pieces! Love the bird bracelets.

  8. Mona Arnott says:

    There is such a flow of colour and theme through all your pieces, starting from hot hot hot and finishing with a wintry coolness. The last 2 ended up being my favourites, especially the earrings

  9. Beverly Herman says:

    Every piece is beautiful!

  10. Beautiful pieces! I love the bird necklace 😀
    Christine x

  11. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Wow! You were super productive for this challenge! I’m impressed! I really love that first set starting with Anne’s mushroom pendant…. it’s tied with your last necklace for my favorites. It was really smart how you turned your toggle into a focal and I love how you balanced out the body of the design with the addition of Heather’s birdie and birch bead!

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