Gift #1064: Dreaming of summer flowers

We had a UFO sighting in our part of the world yesterday.  It was quite exciting, since that’s obviously not something that happens every day.  It was this weird blob at the horizon when I was driving to work, and the thing gradually started to get bright.  It was emitting this foreign, golden glow that bathed the ground in a warm light.  The misshapen blob coalesced into a circular shape as it rose higher in the sky.  It was obviously a foreign extraterrestrial presence that disrupted the calm routine of a grey sky, heavy cloud cover, and oppressive darkness.  We were under the full spell of its hypnotic glare, half-blinded, and obeying the call of its pulsing light – “come to me”.  Such was the insistency of its demands that people were struggling to run outside without even their coats on.  Concerned coworkers were holding the most susceptible of us back, encouraging us to stand our ground with exhortations like “It’s 20 degrees out there!  You’ll freeze to death!! Don’t you at least want your gloves?”  Doors were barricaded to keep the masses inside.  Denied exits to the buildings, people piled in the windows to stare in awe at the mind-melding UFO and delight in its sweet beams.

Yes, my reader, you have probably guessed I’m referring to the sun.  Mr. Sun is a near stranger in these parts during winter.  To be truthful I don’t remember the last time I saw him before yesterday.  And this is bad news because I’m co-dependent on the sun.  I must rise with his rays and retire indoors with his sunsets.  I do not function well when he’s not around.  And alas, his absence makes winter very difficult.  Do you want to know where he is in winter?? Hmm??  He’s in Colorado.  I know because I used to live there and the sun vacations there nearly exclusively in the winter.  I think Mr. Sun likes to ski.  During my time in Colorado I became very attached to Mr. Sun and his company as he spent over 325 days a year with us there.  He doesn’t spend so much time in Indiana.  It’s often a toss-up whether I miss the sun or the Rocky Mountains most in Colorado.  I’ve been living in the Midwest for quite a while and at least Mr. Sun remembers to come visit me once in a while.  The Rocky Mountains have never once come to visit.  Not even for a weekend.  Anyway, I was thrilled with Mr. Sun’s unexpected visit.  He condescended to spend most of the day with us too!  I hope he comes back soon.  I already miss him.

During the winter it’s frequently a challenge to maintain sanity when there’s not much sunshine.  That’s why I was especially grateful for January’s art of the month.  It is saturated in bright sunny hues which are the perfect antidote to gray cloudy weather. 

Doesn’t that just scream “hot summer day”?!  The artist of this glorious painting is Egon Schiele.  “Field of Flowers” is a mixed media black chalk, gouache, and gold paints.  Schiele studied under Gustav Klimt, and I think his influence is quite telling.  He painted this work of art in 1910 and then shortly after was serving in WWI.  He continued to paint during the war years and was exhibiting and selling paintings by 1918.  Unfortunately he died in the Spanish flu pandemic not long after.

I’m not usually fond of bright, warm colors but this time of year I’ll make exceptions.  The pieces that I made for this challenge keep the color scheme of reds, oranges, and yellows.  And I tried to incorporate a few flowers.   However, I have a confession because I was originally making the jewelry for last year’s September calendar art (I got a bit behind).  The subject was mushrooms and I think I was having issues because I love mushrooms and wanted to make something really special.  Anyway, it finally came together, representing both September’s mushroom and January’s flower challenge.


The mushroom is enameled by Anne Gardanne, and there’s some beads by my favorite  Humblebeads and some Czech glass and beads, and jasper rounds.  I put the clasp on the side for this necklace and strung cording along the back.

I used the other Humblebead from the pair in a bracelet along with leftovers from the necklace.  Check out that little feather incorporated in the rust bead – gorgeous!


And I’m in love with the earrings.  Absolutely love how they turned out!


I used another set of Humblebeads disc beads in a rich purple with orange flowers and dangled some tiny Czech flowers from the beads.  And I wrapped the wire edges to look like vine tendrils.  I love that combo of rust, yellow, and deep purple!

It’s the perfect set to wear in the winter as a promise that spring and color will be coming soon.

Blessings to you,



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1 Response to Gift #1064: Dreaming of summer flowers

  1. Mona Arnott says:

    Such a cheerful colourful set you put together. Yes, let’s celebrate the sun when it decides to show up.

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