Gift #1066: Emerging

My beloved hellebores are have been busy putting out new growth during the past weeks.  I went to visit them a few days ago and was delighted to see many tiny buds peeking out from the leaves and brand new delicate leaves are gently starting to unfurl.


For so many reasons I adore hellebores, but chief among them is their apparent contradiction.  They have such a delicate appearance but yet they emerge in the bitter depths of winter.   They bravely set out fragile leaves and buds when the rest of the world is still slumbering in frostiness.   It seems a rather foolhardy thing to do, but in this the hellebores show their strength.  They are made to bloom in the harsh conditions of winter.


Their presence is a promise.  Their buds are the first in a series of intricate dance steps that waltz spring onto the stage.  Quiet, unassuming, these plants are easily overlooked.  But blest is the one who stops to see them and whose heart understands the story they tell.  They whisper of the paradoxes that fuel all of creation – that fragility is true strength, vulnerability leads to assurance, and that new life always emerges from a barren landscape.  Take encouragement and joy from the hellebores today.


Blessings to you,


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