Gift #1068: Transitions

At the art museum we had the opportunity and the fine weather to walk outside and enjoy what will soon be gardens in riots of color.  They are still subdued now, but ferns are greening up and trees are fattening their buds.  While I was rummaging around in the hedges looking for seed pods or signs of green, I found this clipping of dried hydrangea blossoms.  I think the dried blooms are just as beautiful as the fresh ones.


I kept it and brought it home.  Here it graces my new shawl I’m working on.  The pattern is called “Winter is Coming” and seemed an appropriate backdrop for the delicate paper blooms.  It would be a lovely piece to convert into a shawl pin.  I wonder how that might be accomplished…   And while winter is fading into the landscape, spring is emerging.


These crocuses were in full bloom as we walked to the orchid exhibit.  In spite of how much I have grown to appreciate orchids over the past year and how beautiful the exhibit was, I can still say without hesitation that these crocuses were far more lovely.  Welcome signs of spring.

Blessings to you,


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