Gift #1070: Green shoots and white blooms

Behold, green shoot burst from the cold, hard earth!!


Yes, our bulbs are starting to emerge which means that spring is not far away.  We haven’t had much of a winter – in fact today was near 70 – so I guess it’s not surprising that the plants are eager to leaf out.  I spent some time outside today tracking the signs of spring and the bulbs are getting taller, the hellebores are greening up and producing buds, some of the trees and bushes are budding, and the pussy willow is showing off white bits of fuzz.


The dance of seasons never fails to enchant me.  It’s a carefully orchestrated display relying on complex chemical and environmental cues and a healthy dose of divine inspiration.  These days of anticipating spring are full of quiet joy.  As we wait for flowers to blossom, I’m looking back through the photos I took last week of the orchid exhibit.


I was caught by the striking beauty of the white orchids this time and so here’s a selection of the beautiful flowers.  I think the absence of color makes you notice the delicate structure of the blossoms even more.


Some of these were so fragrant that they perfumed the whole of the greenhouse.


They’re quite different from their showy, bright-colored tropical cousins, but I love the simple elegance of these white beauties.

Blessings to you,



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1 Response to Gift #1070: Green shoots and white blooms

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Orchids are so beautiful and elegant!

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