Gift #1073: Hellebores Blooming

Happy March Everyone!  I’m delighted we’ve reached this milestone.  Usually January and February are very difficult months to get through.  However, this year the time has been passing so quickly it’s hard to believe the winter months are behind us.  Signs of spring are peeking out everywhere I look, and believe me, I’m looking.  I’m really excited for warmer days, sunshine, flowers, and being outdoors.  A few days ago I checked on the hellebores, and they are working their magic over the garden.


And they are betwitching!  Some have already completely opened.  Others are still waiting to unfurl and the anticipation is more than I can take!  I’m ready to have the garden beds filled with their blooms.


Most of the varieties in the garden are Pink Frost.  They are reliable and hardy and have done very well and they are the most commonly available.  However, there are a few special cultivars.  Ivory Prince was an acquisition last year and it is stunning.  When we bought it last year, it was already in bloom with cream flowers tinted lime green.  This is the first year we’ve seen new buds emerge and they are creamy with the edges gilded in magenta.


I’m in love.  I’ve been watching the garden centers and our Krogers because they usually get a shipment of hellebores in late Feb/early March.  I’m pretty much of the opinion I’d like to have the entire yard devoted to hellebores.  Some might dream of retiring to run cattle on a ranch… I dream of growing hellebores on acres of woodlands.


As the winter melts away into spring and the earth is reborn, these blooms hold all the promise of life and color and joy.  Welcome spring!!!

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #1073: Hellebores Blooming

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    They are beautiful, Sarah. I put in some ‘Pink Frost’ last year and I’m hoping they come up well!

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