Gift #1090: A Greener Shade of Green

I’ve always secretly been of the opinion that the Creation narrative in the book of Genesis in English has a slight omission.  I have it on pretty good authority that in the native Hebrew it reads, “And God saw all that He had made and it was very green and very good”.  If I had any doubts about green being God’s favorite color, they were dispelled this weekend.

I spent a few days at Spring Mill State Park where the whole park was saturated in green.  In fact, the very air shimmered green and I’m fairly certain that could we look closely enough, all the molecules were tinted green as well.  Every where you looked, curtains and fountains of green exploded from the earth.  It was like drowning in a sea of color, except that instead of it sucking life from your lungs, it poured life in.

To be in such an environment was so restorative and invigorating.  Despite some rainy weather,  there was still ample opportunity to hit the trails and my mom and I hiked the majority of every day.  I took lots of pictures and tried with all my might to absorb every bit of green that I could into my soul.  We all should be fortified with a bit more green in our hearts.

Blessings to you,


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3 Responses to Gift #1090: A Greener Shade of Green

  1. Jamie Holtsclaw says:

    Sarah, I may forget to remind you of this, but I enjoy your musings. Reading your posts never fails to make me smile. The kind of smile that lingers; the kind of smile that refreshes your soul. Thank you, Sarah, for helping me to remember to smile more.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    This is how I’ve been feeling lately, too. The green of Creation is so filling and restoring – an amazing gift for which I am SO grateful!

  3. Sarah , what a beautiful reading of Genesis. Green is so healing and peaceful . I’m glad you and your mom found time to enjoy it together ♡

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