Gift #1098: More Garden Delights

Since it’s summer time and the gardens are in high bloom, today we have more floral pictures.  I’m not particularly a fan of summer, so it’s main redeeming perk is that summer is filled with flowers and they are a delight to behold.  Here are more pictures from the Betty Ford Alpine Garden.  Last time I posted on the high-altitude paradise, I showed some floral vignettes I’d taken throughout the garden.  Did you notice they were all purple/blue flowers?  Well, I might have led you to believe the garden designers were as OCD as I am and actually planted monochromatic hued gardens so that everything would match.  Realizing that might give rise to an improper view of the garden, I thought maybe I should show evidence of a range of colors.  So here are more flowers from the garden – not in purples (which is apparently my favorite color right now).

 Pink lupine grows attractively against a backdrop of pine, and reminds me of my beloved montane forest.

 I’m not quite sure what this is – I think I looked it up and forgot.  But I love the frilly texture of the petals and the growth habit of this beautiful wildflower.

Now, to one of my favorites –  I love poppies!  As with orchids, this is one I had to work on appreciating ( I think some Wizard of Oz phobia played into my initial dislike).  But I adore poppies, especially since coming to find they come in other colors besides red.  The yellow and pale peach colors are my favorites.

I was surprised to see them in bloom – typically they are a mid/late summer flower in Denver and it was still quite cool in the mountains when I was here.  But as the afternoon sun crested, I came upon this garden bed edged in fully-opened pristine poppies.  The sun made them glisten like translucent jewels and I was utterly entranced.  They must have just bloomed too because their petals were perfect.  It was one of my happiest memories in the garden.

So there you have it!   Some more lovelies from the garden, and none of them were purple! In truth though, these were all the non-purple photos I found I’d taken, and I still have lots of purple wildflower pics I haven’t shared.  That poppy though – isn’t she amazing?!  Every flower is an ordinary miracle and I hope your day is filled with them.

Blessings to you,


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