Gift #1099: Flying Away

I’m settled in the airport awaiting the flight that will bring me home to my mountains for a few days.  At my gate is a beautiful art installation on the window of birds flying into the deep blue sky and this poem.

For now you are flying over quarry lakes, green water where stone was once cut for the Empire State, the nation’s capital, buildings all over the world

Aspiring toward sky deep and blue, as you head away or back, thinking of the people below living their lives above bedrock formed from the silt of ancient seas, on prairie plowed flat by glacial ice

and though you are of that swirling earth below, for these few moments you float with some small time away from the matters you’re going to and the places you’ve left behind. 

I’m looking forward to the week and of course I have knitting in hand.  I’ll try to blog about my adventures if I can, but  most of my posting will be done on Instagram because it’s easier to use when traveling.  Feel free to join me there and follow me, seraines317.  Until next time….

blessings to you,


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