Gift #1101: Mountain trecks through well worn paths

Hello again from the other side of many travels.  This is my first full week at home in several weeks and I’m still getting used to it.  While I adjust I’ve been spending lots of time looking through my photos and reliving the wonderful moments I spent with my mom in Denver.  It was so lovely to be back home in the mountains for a while.  We had great weather most of the time, and instead of the heat wave we thought we’d endure, we got a cold front instead.  Denver is endearing that way.  The second half of the trip sent my mom and I scurrying to Target to find long-sleeved shirts for our mountain adventures.  We spent our first and last full days at the park which has been dearest to my family.  We went there so much during our time in Denver and though it’s a smaller park, it still holds precious space in my heart.  It’s one of the places I retreat to in my mind when I’m stressed.

I’ve blogged about it before because I’m usually sharing photos of my favorite mountain in the whole world.  Today however, I thought I’d share some photos from other trails in the park.  I noticed I don’t tend to blog about those as often and I don’t know why because it’s just as beautiful.  The picture above is on the way up to the high point of the park, which is an outcropping of rocks with a picturesque view.  After the ascent, there’s a pleasant slow descent down the mountain to the river.  Along this path is a stand of aspen trees that I love to stop and visit with.

The trail curves around across a bridge, taking you back to the picnic areas and parking lot.  Along that side, the edge of the river is shallow and a popular place for playing and fishing.  There’s a magnificent tree that lives there and she’s also a favorite.

I like to perch on her lower limbs and rest my back against the trunk and just listen to the water flow and the wind move through her branches.  I could stay there for the rest of my life I think, wrapped up in the arms of the tree.  This time I collected some leaves and twigs from her that I’m planning to electroplate.  I’d like to make some jewelry to remind me of my special place.

One of the perks on this side of the park is that it is full of sunny meadows and a variety of grasses and wildflowers can be found here.  This field of sunflowers was stunning, especially mixed with the grasses going to seed.

We were on the tail end of flowers that we usually see in bloom when we come earlier in July.  But I did find a few bits of lupine still in bloom.  This plant was in transition from blooming to setting out seed pods.  But coming at a later time meant that we could see different wildflowers, such as this milkweed.

Thistles are among my favorite wildflowers and I delight in taking pictures of them.  I could fill several posts ( in fact I have already) with pictures just of thistles.  I don’t know why I adore them so, but I do.  I took dozens of photos of them at each of the parks, at every stage of blossom I could find.  Stay tuned for more.

And to end with the hike through the park, here’s a few of the stunning mountain meadows.

I never tire of gazing on mountains covered in pine trees with fields of grass at their feet.  It is home for my heart.

Blessings to you,


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