Gift #1104: Walk through late summer

It’s been a long, difficult week for sure.  And after a week like that there’s only two things to do:  cover the situation in prayer and head for the woods.  Time in the forest is one of the most rejuvenating activities for my heart.  It had been a while since I’d been on a hike – since Denver in fact – and it was past time to spend an afternoon with the trees.  It felt a bit strange to be back in these woods after being in Colorado.  The forests are quite different, but both beautiful in their own right.


The day was full of sunshine and cool breezes and it was a delightful late-summer stroll.  We saw lots and lots of spider webs and their tenants were busy either waiting for lunch or enjoying their lunch.  Spider webs are notoriously difficult for me to photograph, but the light hit a couple just right and made them look like gold and pearlescent threads.


Grasses were golden in the sunlight too and so beautiful against the dark greens of the forest.  I love grasses in seed as much as wildflowers.


There are already signs of autumn in the trees.  Wildflowers are winding down and many have gone to seed.  I can’t wait for milkweed pods to open!  These dried flowers were withered and spent, but still lovely in their form and texture.


Bees are busy collecting the last bits of nectar from the late-blooming flowers.


All around nature is busy transitioning from one glorious season to another.  It’s setting the stage for another spectacular display of beauty, full of new things to appreciate and enjoy.  One of the ways God tells us to be reassured of His faithfulness is care is by looking at the dance of the seasons.  At each stage God provides for and clothes His creation in beauty.  It’s a reminder that at each stage of our own lives God is also faithful, He is using the hard bits to grow us and giving us gifts of mercy to remind us of His goodness.  He will be with us and care for us as certainly as He walks each year through the rhythm of the seasons.


Blessings to you,




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2 Responses to Gift #1104: Walk through late summer

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    The beauty in nature certainly sustains and renews the soul. Blessings to you, Sarah.

  2. humblearts says:

    Sarah we are such kindred spirits. I love walking in the woods and seeing the first changes of summer to fall.

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