Gift #1106: October

Welcome to October!  I’m so happy to enter my favorite month.  I think this year we should make things extra special and invite October to stay for 2-3 extra months.  We had a cooler day, but full of sunshine and it was perfect.  Some trees have already started to turn, but most are still green and I’m looking forward to watching the leaves turn, the grasses dry, and the seedpods form.  I’m giddy with excitement to watch a new autumn form!! A few days ago I ran across this poem on Pinterest and I thought it would be perfect to share as October commences.

Why I Like October

Why do I love October?
October’s the month of gold.
There’s crimson and nuts in the woodland,
There’s fruitage in orchard and wold.
Tis the banquet hall of the seasons,
When their purple wine is spilled;
Tis the revel of color and splendors,
Where the wealth of the year is tilled.
And so I love October.
Tis fruition of faith to me,
In the beauty and gold of its garner
The Opulent Giver I see.



I’m signed up to attend my first ever bead retreat in a few weeks.  Hosted by my favorite bead designer, Humblebeads, we’ll spend a weekend taking classes, hiking, and enjoying the company of friends.  I’ve “known” several of the women attending through following them on facebook and Instagram and I’m excited to meet these talented women for the first time.  As part of our meet ‘n greet on Friday afternoon, we are having a charm swap.  I spent part of this afternoon assembling charms and trying out various designs.  Here’s a couple of sneak peaks.

imageSome prototype bead stacks with acorns and foxes

imageHand-painted skeleton leaves to be incorporate into charms.  I’ve forgotten how much I love painting metal.

Another part of the afternoon was spent shopping for Halloween items for an online knitting swap.  I’ve been working on my knitted item and today I finished purchasing the rest of the gifts I needed for the swap.  Among the goodies I found for her was a kit to make a decorative shadowbox.  I’ve cut the papers and lined the cubbyholes.  Next up will be filling them with diecuts, bottles, and Halloween ephemera.  I hope the recipient will really love it.  The theme for my package is “Halloween curiosity cabinet” and I’m excited about how this will tie it together.


And at church today we started a new series called “Fall into the Psalms.” Our pastor described how he wants us to approach the next few months – “like a kid running and jumping in a pile of leaves”.  The Psalms are a beloved book for many and they are filled with every emotion we’ll ever face.  I think the Psalms are a perfect way to spend autumn.  Their pages are filled with reminders that whether in times of plenty or in times of need, in happiness and in sorrow, in peace or in turmoil, God’s faithfulness and love towards us is everlasting.  The Opulent Giver always provides for us and at no season is His generosity and care more evident than autumn.  And that’s something to rejoice in this fall and always!

Blessings to you,



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1 Response to Gift #1106: October

  1. Adam says:

    Wow, you’ve got lots of interesting and exciting things going on in this season for sure.

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