Gift #1119: We’re All Ears Challenge

Since it has been several months since I participated in an “We’re All Ears” challenge, I’ll briefly explain.  This is a jewelry challenge organized by the Earrings Everyday blog.  Erin Prais-Hintz provides us with a monthly theme that we use as a spring-board to make some earrings.   Although I don’t play along each month, I still really enjoy reading the prompts each month and seeing what the artists come up with.  This month however, I knew I wanted to make some earrings for the challenge because it our theme was chandeliers!  Now there has never been a chandelier made that I didn’t admire.  My parents tell me that when I was little they would take me to home department stores and stroll me up and down the light fixture aisles.  Apparently burnished metals, crystals, and light had a hypnotic effect upon my personality.  The attraction continues to this day – in fact it’s gotten stronger.

Hudson Lighting company was one of our resources for the challenge and on their website you can take a quiz to find out what “lighting personality” you are.  According to this website I am “Bold and Glamorous”.

Hudson Valley quiz results

This made me skeptical.  These are words that no one who knows me would associate with my personality.   However, the description did fit my stylistic preferences (although when it comes to lighting, I’ll like every style).  It says “Strong geometric figures and shimmering details command attention.  From the perennial allure of Art Deco through the innovations of the sixties… this style taps into a rich lineage of form and idea”  Here are a couple of chandeliers they predicted I would enjoy.

Yep!!  Love them all!!!  Now the trick with designing chandelier earrings is to scale them down to something petite and small enough to feel comfortable wearing.  This first pair features some pressed metal stampings that I repurposed.  I bought these a long time ago – I think they were part of some massively huge earrings that I planned to take apart for other projects.  These were originally a bright gold, but I grunged them down painting them black and then I gave them a light dusting of rose gold Vintaj patina.  Though hard to photograph, they look old with just a bit of industrial shimmer.  A tiny rhinestone in the center and a little dangling pearl finish off this simple design.


The next set of earrings I’d actually made a while ago but they fit in nicely with the theme and they’re one of my favorite pairs that I’ve made.  They started with a hoop that I dressed up with a long loop of chain and some pearls.  Tiny birds fit perfectly within the hoops.  I love the way these swish and sway when I wear them.


My last pair of earrings was made with antique silver chandelier loops.  I added garnet and pearl drops dressed up with silver spacers.


This was a great challenge and it was fun to play around with a style that I don’t often gravitate towards.  Usually I make jewelry with nature themes and more color.  These are heavy on metallic materials and geometric forms.  Now I’m headed off to admire some more photos of chandeliers.

Blessings to you,


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3 Responses to Gift #1119: We’re All Ears Challenge

  1. Rosantia Petkova says:

    I like the work you did on the findings of the first pair, I have yet to try modifying my findings 🙂 I think I like the whimsy of the second pair most!

  2. Kathy Lindemer says:

    All are very pretty earrings. Well done!

  3. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    Nicely done, Miss Sarah! I think that if I ever feel like I am running out of ideas, I will hit up the home stores and stare at their lighting sections! I think the little bird earrings are so sweet. They have a very art nouveau feel to me. Thanks for playing along with me in the We’re All Ears challenge! Hope to see you again! Enjoy the day! Erin

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