Gift #1127: Of Flowers and Feet

Earlier this year I posted about how difficult winter was for me and my plan to spur spring into action by knitting socks… floral inspired socks, no less.  I figured if I could make spring fall from my knitting needles, then the weather would get excited and want to make it spring outside.  Since we’re several weeks beyond the vernal equinox I figured it was time to give you an update on how my plan was going.


Short story:  not good.  I completed the Winter Rose socks with time to spare right before spring was due to arrive.  Unfortunately, winter did not seem to take the hint.  We’ve still had cold weather and snow and I’m starting to worry that the plants will get confused and think they’re in Narnia and not bother to flower and green up at all.  However, my beloved hellebores understood my need and have been a great source of joy.  My favorite flowers brave the snow and cold, steadfastly unfurling green leaves and tender buds into the world, forging a new spring right under the nose of Mr. Winter.  And they are lovely.  I’m so delighted that the first pair of socks in the Sock Society paid tribute to these magnificent flowers.

Now it is April and we have a new sock pattern and a new opportunity to entice spring to come.  The second sock pattern is inspired by another favorite of mine – magnolia blossoms.  I’d not seen anything like the pink showers of magnolia blossoms until I moved to Indiana.  That first spring, and every spring since, I’ve been enchanted and delighted by these beautiful trees that unfurl their magic in early spring.  The pattern came out April 1st but because of some other deadlines I wasn’t able to start knitting on the socks until yesterday.  But turns out the timing was perfect – because look what started to emerge yesterday….



So with blossoms on the trees and socks on my needles and feet, I eagerly wait to greet spring.


Blessings to you,



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1 Response to Gift #1127: Of Flowers and Feet

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I love the patterns on your socks and the flower buds are lovely, too.

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