Gift #1137: Art Elements Sept. Challenge

The end of the month means wrapping up lots of monthly challenges.  In addition to Art Bead Scene, I also participated in Art Elements monthly challenge because the theme was fairies!  The challenge is open to all art mediums and interpretations and so I had fun exploring several of my creative outlets for this inspiration.  Like many, I grew up with fairytales and stories of the “wee folk” that captured my imagination and played an important role in shaping my personality and the way I view the world.  My childhood days were filled with dreaming and creating fairy tales of my own and to this day my favorite stories are from that genre.  They are at once comforting and foreboding; familiar yet foreign.  And even as the stories pull you into a world of magic and adventure unlike our own, they are written to root you firmly in this world and teach truth about how to live wisely.

However much I love stories about fairies, I must, in truth, confess that I envy them.  They were the blessed creatures who could live as I’d always dreamed too – making homes in mushrooms and tree trunks, flying through the forests and dancing with leaves, skimming the surface of rivers and resting on dandelion puffs.  And most of all, they wore clothes of leaves and flowers decorated with sparkly strands of spider webs and curly toed shoes.  Sigh…  such a life!

For many long years I have wanted to make fairy houses.  At the beginning of the year I joined a clay studio near my home and took classes in basic throwing and hand building.  It wasn’t long before I set my sights on creating fairy houses and I’ve completed a couple now.  It is so fun to design the shape of the houses, the roofs, how to decorate them, etc.


This is the second fairy house I made (the first is on display as part of a Fairy Tour in my town).  It has a simple shape, which was easy to build, and a dormer window to add some charm.   If I were a fairy, I would love a dormer window, a turret, and a wonky chimney.  Oh and of course, a rounded door.

My next house has a more rounded base and something of a witch hat shaped roof.  I made the house with a cobblestone texture which I glazed gray.  The roof practically screamed that it wanted to be purple, and I agreed.  This one has plain windows accented with wooden shutters and large leaves decorating the house, to give the idea of topiary trees.  I’m in love with the roof, did I mention that?


In mid-September my mom and I took a class at the studio to make pumpkin cottages.   They just finished their bisque fire and are waiting to be glazed, but you can see how charming they’re going to be.  Mine is on the left and my mom’s is on the right.  I can’t wait to finish these and display them as Halloween decorations.  Each house has a hole in the bottom so I can put in a tea light and they can flicker with delicate charm in the evenings.

I’m an avid rubber stamper and have quite a few stamps in my collection that are inspired by fairies.  Below are a few cards I’ve made celebrating the enchantment of fairyland.




As part of this month’s challenge, I also wanted to create a few items that I could wear to channel my inner woodland fairy.  I had this charming little fairy door in my collection and I paired it with wire-wrapped beads and glass leaves to make a necklace that would be at home on the neck of any fairy.


I finished off the necklace with lengths of green and bronze ribbons to give an earthy forest-feel to the piece.  On the inside of the door and layered with mica, I printed the first stanza of one of my favorite Tolkien poems:  “The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began”.


My last project for the challenge was to create a woodland crown.  I found a headband with fuzzy deer ears and antlers at Michaels for Halloween dress-up.  It was covered in big, pink flowers, but I instantly loved it.  It’s long been a secret desire of mine to wear antlers and be a fawn.  I pulled off the flowers and redecorated the headband with acorns, pinecones, fall leaves, and berry clusters.


It looks like something any fairy would love to wear on autumn solstice.   I’m hoping to be brave enough to wear it a few times during Halloween season.  And of course, I’ll wear it often when I’m by myself sitting out near the forest that backs up to the yard.  Perhaps if I’m wearing it, the little fairies that make their home in the forest will come out to introduce themselves and we’ll become friends.

Thanks for taking a romp with me through fairyland and my creative imaginings of their world.  May you be inspired to bring a touch of magic and whimsy to your world too.


Blessings to you,


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10 Responses to Gift #1137: Art Elements Sept. Challenge

  1. Hope Smitherman says:

    You created SO MANY lovelies for this challenge. I’m smitten with your fairy houses and can’t wait to see the final result of the pumpkin ones. And your fairy crown is amazing!! I hate that you need to gather some bravery to wear it as I think it needs to be worn often! It’s fantastic. You make me want to run to Michael’s to get the base and create my own, though I’m sure it wouldn’t be as lovely as yours!

  2. niky sayers says:

    what a wonderful post I love all the things that you created especially the antlers, they look amazing on!

  3. What wonderful designs! Your ceramics are beautiful. I love the shapes of your houses. And the antlers are fabulous… I would wear those all the time!

    Thank you for joining me in the challenge!

  4. I am so impressed with your Fairy Art Month! Wow you were so inspired! Your fairy houses are my favorite! I would so love to live in those little abodes. PS you could totally wear your head band around!

  5. Eliza Waters says:

    You are so cleverly creative, Sarah. A woman of many talents! I love those fairy houses. You could create a bunch of them and sell them in galleries, they are very charming.

  6. alysen55 says:

    Your fairy houses are charming and I do love the wonkiness of the roofs! And both yours and your Mom’s pumpkin houses are little works of art. I hope you’ll share pix of them on display at Halloween? These were my faves, tho all of your projects are fab.

  7. eganj1 says:

    I love your fairy houses, so full of character, and the antlers are amazing

  8. Im so glad you joined us! The crown is wonderful – I can see you wearing it in the woods, making faeries at home. The cards! The necklace! All great fun. But as a clay person myself – you know I adore the fairy houses the most!

  9. Victoria Tierney says:

    the houses are beautiful and I love the crown

  10. kathy Lindemer says:

    I love all the fairy houses that you made as well as the fairy cards. The crown is wonderful. The necklace with the poem in it is so special too. I love it all! Well done!

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