Gift # 257: Green and White

Green and white…it’s one of my favorite color combinations.  It’s so fresh and natural.  I can’t help but be relaxed, calmed, and invigorated when I stare at green and white.  Pottery Barn is also enamored with the color combo right now so I had to take some pictures when I was there last.  While waiting for real greens to bring into your home, they’ve made a garden of their own with paper and plastic herbs and ferny things.  Green looks very striking against white and I love the way they’ve piled on the vegetation to make everything feel lush.  It gives the feeling of living in a greenhouse (which would be wonderful).  I’ve always thought it would be neat to live in a home with a conservatory – it’s like having a greenhouse attached to your living quarters.  One of my dreams one day is to have a small garden room in my home.   When I was young, one of my friends lived in a home with a floor-to-ceiling terrarium, quite large.  They filled it with ferns and kept pet turtles and I was fascinated with the idea of inviting growing plants into one’s home to keep company.  I think that’s what I love so much about these pictures – they make gardens seem right at home in our living rooms.






Blessings to you,


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