Gift #994: Spring Joys

One of the most beautiful events of spring here in the Midwest is the blooming of our tulip trees.  These are actually in the magnolia family and are called tulip trees because of the shape of their blossoms.  They’re not to be confused with tulip poplars, our state trees, which have green/yellow flowers that open later in spring.  The tulip trees are one of the first heralds of spring and lead the parade of flowering trees into their glorious display.


Unfortunately we had late frosts that damaged most of the tulip blossoms so our enjoyment of the gorgeous blooms was cut short.  I managed to photograph this stand before the frost.  I was really disappointed about the loss of our lovely “tulips”.  There’s a small magnolia bush at home that has tried to bloom at least 7 times in the two years since being planted, and inevitably some freakish event of nature happens just as they’re about to open that damages them.  This year the sweet thing had put out over 30 buds that were just about to open when the frost hit.  Despite keeping her covered, the majority of them were frozen and turned brown and fell.  A few at the bottom survived and she’s put forth a couple more buds – so there’s some to enjoy, for which I’m thankful.  I dream of seeing her one day in all her splendor, covered with resplendent pink blossoms.



In other spring news that I wanted to share with you – in the courtyard at work are a pair of hawks that have made their nest on the top floor of a wing of my building.  Over the past week I’ve delighted in watching the birds in the morning gather twigs from the nearby trees and fashion their nest.  Mrs. Hawk has been trying it on for size and Mr. Hawk has been obliging in finding just the right materials for her.  It was fun watching him break off twigs with his beak.  I do hope they’re comfortable with us and their new home.  It would be quite special to have a family of hawks raise their little ones so close.  I hope you have been enjoying springtime and relishing the warmer weather and return of life and color to the outdoors.


Blessings to you,


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