Gift #1023: August Art Bead Scene

It’s the end of another month, and that brings us to the Art Bead Scene’s monthly challenge to create jewelry based on their selected art.  This month we had “Park Near Lu” by Paul  Klee.

Here is the description included in the introduction. “The picture reflects his personal condition at the time. The branches are bare and devoid of leaves, as in winter. But “Park near Lu.” is not a winter picture. There is a contrast between the hard black bar strokes that represent the branches and the bright colour tonality of the spaces between them. The work therefore includes spring and winter, death and blossoming in equal measure.
It seems to have been a specific landscape which inspired Paul Klee to paint this picture. Klee’s wife Lily travelled several times in the late 1930’s to Lucerne for health reasons and she spent time in a sanatorium. Paul Klee had visited her there, when his own physical condition permitted and strolled with her through the park around the sanatorium.”

If you’ve visited with me before while I post about the art challenges you’ll know I’m not a fan of abstract art.  It really looks like a jumbled mess to me.  In fact, the only thing going in it’s favor from my perspective is the color palette and the fact that it’s supposed to be a park.  I knew August was going to be a busy month and wasn’t sure how much time I’d have to create anything, so I was thinking about skipping this month.  But I recalled that I had made a piece a couple months ago for my personal calendar challenge and the colors matched with this artwork perfectly.


For the challenge, I called the piece, “A Walk in the Park” and I think it suits quite nicely in terms of composition and feeling.  I love these colors together – aqua, pink, orange, yellow, with accents of dark brown.  The pendant is from SummerWind Beads.  You know that if I can manage it, I’ll work a bird into any challenge.  This is no exception.  I had originally created this piece as a reminder of what a spring morning walk might feel like.  Birds chirping, flowers blooming, little leaves unfurling.. colors of pink petals, bright sky, sunshine…  The watery colors and pendant create a painterly effect that I think works quite well for the challenge.   I don’t have the energy right now to take pictures of the earrings, but they feature the citrine teardrops with pink glass accents and tiny brass leaves dangling.


That’s all for today.  September’s challenge goes live in a few days and I’m curious to see what they’ll pick!  Dare I hope for something autumn-themed?  We’ll wait and see! Hope you all are having a wonderful week.

Blessings to you,



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