Gift #56: Colorado Springs

Today’s blog is quite a bit different from my usual posts and I’ve never done anything like this before.  But the fires in Colorado Springs are weighing heavily on my heart and I can’t get it out of my mind.  So I thought I would write a prayer for them and share it with you.  I realize that not everyone who reads my blog shares the same faith as me, but I hope you will find something in it to encourage you nonetheless. 

Dear Father,

Thank you that you are a God Who is present in the flames and promises that we will not be consumed (Dan 3:25, Is. 43:2).  I pray that you would give comfort, and grace, and healing to the people of Colorado Springs who have endured such tragedy.   

Please provide for those who have been displaced from their homes, and for those who have no homes to go back to.  Please give neighbors compassion to help each other in their times of need.  We often say that material things shouldn’t matter.  But in our hearts, they do.  Our possessions link us to our past and give us a shared heritage.  Photos, baby clothes, gifts from loved ones, heirlooms passed through generations – they are all part of our identity.  They are priceless and when we lose them, it feels like we’ve lost part of ourselves.  And for those who have lost their homes, please give an extra measure of grace and courage as they face uncertainty and displacement in the days ahead.  Thank you that You have walked that road before and know what it is like to not have a home.   

Please give wisdom and safety to those who are fighting to contain the fire.  Thank you for those who sacrifice their comfort to protect others – and please bless them.  Give the city and state officials wisdom to successfully handle the crisis and care for those who have been affected.  And may the people of the state and nation respond with gracious generosity to meet their needs.   

And finally, may You empower the residents of Colorado Springs to rebuild their town and lives.  Let them know the joy of standing together, with a common goal, to restore their communities.  May they rejoice as homes and businesses are raised and started anew.  Fires are nothing new to the people of Colorado, and there has always been a strange paradox in them.  They are so destructive, stripping the earth of nearly every living thing, but it is this very force that gives life and preserves the beautiful ecosystem of the Rockies.  The heat of the flames clears the land of strangling vegetation, diseased trees, and pests, and triggers the seeds of new trees to germinate and grow into the beautiful forests we love.  May this also be true in the lives of the people of Colorado Springs as You accomplish what You do best – the act of transformation.  And as the tears dry and the ashes blow away, may they see beauty within their community and their own lives.   

In Your Son, Jesus’ name,


 Blessings to you,



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