Gift #116: Spiderwebs in dew

This morning was absolutely amazing!  I woke up to a foggy wonderland.  Mist hung in the air, draping across trees and blanketing the fields in magic.  The grass was wet with dew, and best of all, spiders were active last night in the front yard.  For hanging from the tree in the front yard, was beautiful, spun silk beaded with dew drops.  It was a good two feet tall and quite large in diameter too.  The artist who created this masterpiece must be quite amazing.  I’ve yet to make her acquaintance, but I took great joy in knowing she had chosen my yard to weave her delicate orb.  Here is a picture, though it does not do it justice. 

I have entertained a fantasy for some time now, that many kind-hearted spiders decide to spin a silken dress for me and ornament it with dewdrops.  I design the gown over and over in my head.  If I were a fairy, this would be exactly what I’d want to wear (or maybe an oak leaf dress with mossy accents….)  One day, I will be skilled enough to knit myself a  gossamer bit of spider fluff and with clear, sparkly beads.  I will say that it was a generous gift from Mrs. Spider, but only I will know the truth…. 

Hope you have enjoyed a beautiful week.

Blessings to you,


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