Gift #368: Small caterpillars

The first thing I did upon getting back home from my trip was to drop my luggage at the door and head out to the porch to inspect my rue.  And there they were – two little swallowtail caterpillars!  What a wonderful “welcome home” present!  The swallowtails have taken a liking to my rue since I first started growing it several years ago.  I always enjoy looking for the little black lumps when they first emerge.  And it’s very exciting to watch them grow and earn their stripes.  They turn into very handsome little guys – with smart green, black, and yellow stripes.  I enjoy talking to my caterpillar friends in the afternoons.  They don’t talk back much, but they are good listeners.  I often find myself looking hard for caterpillars with marvelous shoes, smoking hookah pipes, and blowing out the ABCs.  This hasn’t happened yet, but I am confident I will follow in Alice’s footsteps.  And then I may see one transform into a butterfly and leave his perfect little shoes behind on a mushroom cap….  Well, even if I don’t see that happen, every little caterpillar is a miracle, a promise of transformation, the hope of a new life.


Blessings to you,


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