Gift #692: Summer berries

I snapped these pictures during a recent neighborhood stroll.  Berries are such a cheery way to transition between the seasons.  I love how some berries stand in stark contrast to the glossy green leaves of the trees.

imageWhile some simply blend in to the foliage.


Others can’t decide whether they’d rather be a leaf or a berry – so they opt for a little of each.


We’ve been enjoying very good edible berries too – strawberries, blackberries, raspberries… they seem so sweet this time of year, as if all the pleasantness of summer is concentrated in them.  Perhaps it’s because summer days are fleeting and soon autumn’s chill will replace warm sunny days and we long to capture the last essence of bountiful summer fruit.  My favorite way of eating berries is in a salad with other fruits, topped with homemade granola and lemon Stilton cheese!

image And so as the seasons transition, we savor what is left of summer’s joys and look forward in anticipation to the gifts of autumn.

Blessings to you,

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