Gift #787: Birds at the Feeders

This past weekend I made my first visit to Eagle Creek Park.  My mom and I went up Saturday afternoon to drive around and do a bit of knitting while enjoying the park.  I bought a yearly pass ( a most anticipated event in my calendar) and can now make as many treks into the park as my heart desires.  We’re fortunate to have a couple of really nice woodland parks on this side of town and Eagle Creek is my favorite.  One of the reasons is because they have an Ornithology Center on the north side of the park overlooking the lake.  There are some nice displays on local birds and there are two rooms walled in with windows along one side so you can watch the birds.  One room overlooks the lake and the other faces a clearing surrounded by trees with lots of bird feeders.  My mom and I like to sit in this room knitting and watching the wildlife, especially during the winter when it’s too cold to spend much time outside.

Well, the feeders were the spot to be this weekend if you were a bird.  The air was full of flitting feathers and little chirps as the birds moved between feeders.  Birds were coming and going so fast it was mesmerizing.  Fortunately I had my new camera and I took lots of pictures.


Cardinals were everywhere.  The hardest part of photographing them was deciding where to point the camera.  Occasionally something would startle them and they would all fly off in a curtain of scarlet feathers.  That would only last a minute though and soon they would settle back down on the feeders and nearby trees again.


This male goldfinch is starting to get some yellow back on his head and breast.  A sure sign spring is coming.  The females are still all grey, but they’ll soon yellow up too.


Suet feeders are very popular with the woodpeckers.  There were several species that came to visit while we were there.  Here, a male and female downy woodpecker are taking a turn.  These are my favorite of the woodpeckers because they are so small and fluffy.  The males wear a flashy red cap.


This was my favorite shot.  How often do you get wildlife to cooperate for a group photo?  Say “seeds” everyone!

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