Gift #991: We’re all Ears April Reveal

This month’s theme for We’re All Ears Earring Challenge was one I was thrilled with – ferns!!  Here are a few of the pictures we were given to whet our appetite.


It’s always an exciting part of spring to see the ferns green up and little fiddleheads make their appearance.  Slowly they unfurl tiny baby leaves into the warm air and grow and grow, carpeting the ground with lush beautiful leaves.

Erin, who hosts the challenge, asked “Will it be the coiled fiddleheads, the feather leaves, or the bright spring color that inspires you?”  Yes, Erin, yes!!!  All of it inspires me!  I was giddy with all the possibilities ferns offered and how they could be interpreted into earrings.  For my first pair, I turned to my jewelers saw and some copper scraps to make fern leaves.  After some filing and oxidizing, I had delicate fronds that I attached to decorative rings and earwires.


To give a bit of color, I added tiny green agate chips on curly lengths of wire to dangle amid the tiny leaves.  I’m really enchanted with the delicate feel of this pair of earrings and I like how it captures the warmth and shadows of a forest floor dotted with ferns.    I had another spectacular idea for earrings, but the materials I ordered for them haven’t delivered yet.  So I found some silver charms I had on hand that reminded me of ferns and made a couple more pairs of earrings.


These round charms with organic leaf shapes look just like a walk in the forest.  I paired them with green and brown colors that define the woods in springtime.  These green glass beads have black veining in them which is quite striking.  Tiny silver spacers, wood bead, and black czech bead round out these earrings.


My last pair is more of a whimsical nod to ferns.  The dotted round charms reminded me of fern spores and the rectangular pieces feature an organic design that is reminiscent of fiddleheads.  I linked these together with black/green czech beads and wood spacer.  I love vibrant greens mixed with brown and black.  It’s a very earthy palette, heavily influenced by forests in midday when sunlight sets the green foliage glowing against the dark cool shadows.  I loved this challenge and the opportunity to create some jewelry inspired by the new life of spring in the woods.

Blessings to you,


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6 Responses to Gift #991: We’re all Ears April Reveal

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful work, Sarah. Great inspiration!

  2. Terri G. says:

    Awesome job on all of your earrings….you were truly inspired!

  3. Sarajo Wentling says:

    All of your earrings are lovely, but I’m really in awe of that first pair. I’m in the middle of a four week metalsmithing class and just learning to use the jewelers saw, so I have an idea of how much work and effort went into them to achieve your gorgeous end result!

  4. raphaela99 says:

    Oh darling, they are exquisite!

  5. tesoritrovati4800 says:

    Each of them is so different yet so perfect for the inspiration! I just adore fiddleheads and you really captured their essence. (And sawing out those leaves…wow!) Thank you so much for joining in the fun! Please check back on May, 6th for our next We’re All Ears challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. Tammy Adams says:

    Great interpretations. Your earrings are lovely and your saw work on the those delicate leaves is impressive.

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