Gift #1155: Luna Moth

I’m writing this blog on Saturday night wearing warm fuzzy pajamas while watching the snow fall …. at the end of March.  I’m trying not to be bitter about this, but at this point I’m nearly frantic for spring.  Since it’s definitely not warming up outside, I’m daydreaming of the warm, mellow days of spring that slowly melt into the sultry nights of summer.   As the last rays of sunset are engulfed by twilight, the stars begin to twinkle, nocturnal insects start their serenade, and fireflies dance to the music.  In the light of a pale full moon, a delicate winged luna moth flutters out of the forest and lands, feathery antennae sampling the air while the wind gently ruffles the luminescent wings.

Now before you start to wonder why I’m so obsessed with moths this year (because of the other two posts I’ve done so far) let me explain that I’ve had no control over the themes set by the blogs I follow.  However, I’m not complaining at all about another month to explore moths in my art.  I thought perhaps I had exhausted my moth muse during Jan and Feb, but when the March theme for Art Elements blog was announced as luna moths, I decided I’d love to spend more time with the enchanting creatures.

This first piece does double duty for another challenge.  But it fit perfectly since it features a luna moth illustration on faux tin.  The illustration and tin pieces were made by Humblebeads.


I call this one “Luminosity”.  The design is simple to keep the focus on the beautiful illustration.  I just added a large stone agate bead that reminded me of a full moon, and a few pale aqua glass beads.  And here are the matching earrings.


Luna moths are the most ethereal of night creatures.  The very moon itself seems to be infused into their wings.  They are among the larger of North American moths and are found throughout the eastern continental United States and up into Canada as well.  Adults emerge in May/June and can produce 1-3 generations during their breeding season, depending on the climate.  The female lays 200-400 eggs at a time on the underside of host plant leaves and eggs hatch in about two weeks. They exist 6-7 weeks as larvae and then as 9 months as pupae.  When they emerge from their cocoons as the beautiful pale green moths, they only live for one week more, to mate and lay eggs.  Adult luna moths don’t even have mouths to eat because they don’t live that long.

This  second piece of jewelry is a tribute to the life cycle of the luna moth, called “Emergence”.


I wove a wreath of antiqued wire to look like a nest of branches found in a forest.  From the wreath dangles a luna moth cocoon made of polymer clay by Humblebeads along with brass and glass charms.


The earrings are made of polymer clay beads designed to look like luna moth wings (these are also made by Humblebeads), Czech glass beads and brass moth charms.

My third jewelry piece inspired by luna moths is called “Midnight Flight”.  It features a polymer clay pendant by Humblebeads, pale aqua Czech beads and leaves, ceramic rounds, and gold spacers.


I wanted to also explore using luna moths in paper crafting.  However, I was surprised to discover that while I own many butterfly stamps, I don’t have a luna moth.  Nor could I find any images or stickers of luna moths in my stash or at local craft stores.  (Apparently the rest of the world is not as crazy about moths as I am).  I tried every way I could think of to find something premade, but in the end, I was cornered into drawing moths by hand… and I don’t draw.  I practiced studies of moths and one of those was this piece that I decided to watercolor (another technique I have no experience with).


I did the moth first to see how it went and my original plan was to cut it out and use it in a different project.  But then I decided to add in a moon and a background and ended up keeping it intact.  I did the watercoloring with pencils and added in highlights with a white gel pen.  Considering my lack of experience with these mediums, I’m rather delighted that the piece came out recognizable as a luna moth.

Inspired by my reasonable success with free-handed drawing, I returned back to my first intent – which was to create a small canvas of a luna moth in flight.


For this I drew and cut out the moth three times – once on white cardstock and twice on vellum.  I drew in the details and colored all three with chalks and white  gel pen.  I painted the canvas with black paint, let dry, and painted in the moon.  I printed out the quote and colored the edges of each word with Distress crayons.  I gave the canvas a wash with silver pearlescent glimmer sprays and splattered it with watered-down white acrylic paint to give it more dimension.  Then I adhered the quote and moth.  I wanted it to feel whimsical and ethereal – almost like you had walked outside and surprised a fairy by the light of the moon.

And really, what could be more magical than spying a luna moth in flight on a warm summer’s night?


Please visit the brilliantly talented artists who participated in this challenge!


Blessings to you,


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20 Responses to Gift #1155: Luna Moth

  1. Saraccino byCF says:

    I love what you created for this month’s challenge! The jewelry is gorgeous, I especially love the first necklace and how you incorporate the idea of the moon with the bead! Your painting and little canvas are lovely. I love that you are not discouraged if something doesn’t work out because you don’t have the right materials or tools and you simply find another solution! 🙂

  2. Niky Sayers says:

    Such wonderful designs! I really love your Emergence necklace the design and idea of tribute to the life cycle of the luna moth are just perfect! I think the Midnight Flight necklace has a beautiful magical glow to it due to the Czech beads but most of all I adore your small canvas the layers make it look like your luna moth is in mid flight like you have just caught it out of the corner of your eye before it flys off never to be seen again, just stunning!!!

  3. lesleyhw says:

    Very pretty jewellery but I really love your mixed media piece…so delicate and airy.

  4. Beth says:

    Love your jewelry pieces. Your drawn pieces are fantastic! I really love that last piece you made with the layer of wings and the quote is perfect. Gorgeous!

  5. Lori Finney says:

    Brilliant! Another fan of your mixed-media piece here! So ethereal…

  6. I love everything you created for this theme. I think the necklace and earring set are absolutely lovely but your piece titled ‘Emergence’ is definitely my favorite. That little cocoon is just perfect for the collection of bits and baubles dangling from your wire wreath-beautiful!

  7. While I do love the jewelry you created, the final mixed media piece with the layered moth is my favorite! Great job! I loved seeing all the pieces you created and am glad you are so inspired by moths to do it more than once. I didn’t realize anyone else had selected it recently 🙂 Thanks for participating in the challenge this month!

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  9. Michelle Churchman says:

    New to your blog – you are so talented! I could not choose a favorite from among your jewelry pieces. They are all so lovely! And then I discovered you do art on canvas too. Very cool!

  10. I love all of the components you chose, each design is beautiful. Also your mixed media piece, I really like the layering.

  11. Eliza Waters says:

    You are so talented, Sarah, I love your work. That last piece is brilliant!

  12. The jewelry is beautiful but I like that you ventured to do something you’re not experience in and the drawing came out very well! I’m yet to try myself at coloring 🙂 The Luna Moth for the canvas is so ethereal!

  13. Cindy Hasko says:

    Dear Sarah, A lovely, creative, imaginative, grouping of jewelry pieces. I Love the pieces and also the titles you gave to each. Love the choice of chain, stone beads, and czech beads. I Love the Luna moth as well. have seen a few in my lifetime. but never at night. I also love the dimensional canvas piece as well w mixed medias. this is a favorite thing of mine t do but alas my work space remains a jenga space. great creativity Sarah. please continue to bless us with your lovely creations. i also cannot decide which i love best to hard to decide. 😉

  14. alycat55 says:

    Sarah, Your 2nd piece is the one that caught this gal’s eye, and what I had in the back of my mind; it just couldn’t come through and here you’ve created it! I love your little ‘twigs’ and all the pieces come together to a beautiful, thoughtful tribute to Luna Moths. And I love the idea of adding vellum to a piece for some lightweight, transparency! I must not forget to mention your first project, the colors and illustration on the beads drew my eye and your choice of stringing, etc. is right on!!

  15. Emergence – I love it for its treasure/collection style and for the simple fact its not a luna moth. I mean, all your pieces look great! But its exciting to me to see someone diverge from the path. Your paper/canvas pieces are fun!

  16. jewelsofsayuri says:

    The 3D moth on the canvas is ethereal. Using vellum is a great idea

  17. Tammy Adams says:

    Beautiful interpretations. I especially like the effect of the background on the first watercolor. and the fluttery wings on your last piece.

  18. Colette says:

    Ahh, those delicate wings on the last one! They look like the moth has truly alighted on your piece, and may flutter away at any moment. All of these are such lovely interpretations!

  19. Mel says:

    Good heavens, you’re so prolific!! I love it! The painted earrings and ’emergence’ are my favorites, absolutely stunning. I love the multiple wings on the canvas as well!!

  20. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Sorry to be hopping so slowly again… eventually I’ll get my act together! What a lovely collection of luna moth jewelry you’ve made, Sarah! And I’m totally smitten by your last piece of artwork with the 3-D moth. It is amazing!!

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