Gift #413: Stampaway 2013

I’m back from a wonderful trip in Cinci!  Today I thought I’d share a few pictures from Stampaway, the convention I attended on Friday and Saturday.  On Friday night, 500 ticketed attendees get to preview the convention for a couple of hours before it opens to the general public on Saturday morning.  In addition to being able to shop, see demonstrations, and make small projects without much crowding, there’s also a buffet and desserts!  One year my mom and I were busy shopping at a booth and when we got down to the tables, everything was gone!  We learned from that mistake and we make sure now to be conscious of the time so that we can enjoy the food as well as the stamps.  This year was wonderful – with a salad buffet, mashed potato/sweet potato bar, and sandwiches.  Desserts were excellent too and they had chocolate covered strawberries (yum!)  And what else…let me see.. oh yes, there were stamps!  Lots of stamps.  My favorite of the booths was BLine because she always has nice nature-themed stamps and her booth is beautifully decorated.  There were lots of other great vendors too and I got caught up on my supplies – cards, inks, papers.  And of course there were a “few” stamps that came home too.  Here are some pics from the convention.

Card display at BLine booth

Card display at BLine booth


Cards from Impression Obsession

Cards from Impression Obsession


Some of BLine's new stamps

Some of BLine’s new stamps

Blessings to you,


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