Gift #649: New Trails

Don’t you love it when something you thought was great gets even better?  It’s no secret that I love our mountain parks.  There are several along the Highway 74 corridor through Morrison and Idledale.  The only one my family ever spent much time in was Lair o’ the Bear.  I’ve always wanted to visit the others, but they were difficult to get to and none of the parks connected, even though they were adjacent properties.  Well, Jeffco Parks changed all that and now all of those parks are interconnected with hiking trails, so that you can park at one and hike through all of the parks to your heart’s content or till your legs fall off, which ever comes first.


We took advantage of this great new development today to park our vehicle at a new park and hike a bit of unfamiliar territory before proceeding into Lair o the Bear to spend some extra time in our special park.  The pictures are of the new new bits of trail we got to walk today.  This worked out wonderfully because the cars had filled Lair park and were spilling out onto the highway, but we were able to get a spot in the parking lot of Corwina Park and hike without having to get on the highway.  Yay!


It was also nice to see so many families out enjoying the day and celebrating Father’s Day.  We saw young strong daddies carrying their babies and toddlers on their backs to give them a bird’s eye view of the outdoors.  We saw dads playing tag and teaching their kids to fish.  We saw grandfathers, sons, and grandsons sharing picnic lunch together.  We saw the power of the outdoors to bring families closer, to give them memories, and to share love with each other.  And I was reminded of how much this special park had done this for my family.


Blessings to you,


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