Gift #1071: Pets and Presidents

Today is President’s Day and it’s also National Pets Day!  I’m not sure how often those two coincide, as I’ve never heard of National Pet day before today.  I celebrated by observing both days simultaneously – watching a documentary on pets of the White House.  It’s a light-hearted look at the four-footed animals that have shared the most famous home in the country with their families.  The White House has hosted its fair share of unusual animals ranging from mules to alligators, elephants to guinea pigs, and a slew of dogs and cats.  Among my favorites are a flock of sheep that the Wilsons kept them as pets and as convenient lawn mowers.  They would also shear the sheep and send the wool to make the soldier’s uniforms during the war.   Another engaging pet was Rebecca the Racoon who was kept by Mrs. Coolidge.  They show a picture of her holding the raccoon in her arms.  You can tell the raccoon knows she’s got a sweet gig going.  Actually, she looks absolutely adorable and makes one want to try to hold the first raccoon one sees, which is not a good plan.

My favorite dogs are a tie – I’m very fond of Fallah, the Roosevelt’s little Scottie.  And Mrs. Beazley of the G.W. Bush (also a Scottie) is more cute than any dog has a right to be.  Apparently I have a soft spot for Scotties.  I love the way they trot along on little feet and the way their ears are so perky.

As I was thinking about pet day, it put me in mind of some cards I’d made a few months ago for Red Lead.  They had sent me some dog and cat stamps to make some cards for them.  I don’t usually make cards in this style, but it was fun to branch out and try something different.  I hope you enjoy these few in celebration of our furry companions that bring such joy to our lives.



imageBlessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #1071: Pets and Presidents

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Great designs, Sarah. I admire your talent!

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