Gift #1072: Winter by the Lake

This weekend I went on a winter retreat to my favorite state park – Spring Mill.  My parents and I go down a couple of times a year to rest and remove from work and the rigors of daily living.  At the park during the winter we stay in the lodge, enjoy meals in the dining room, get toasty warm by the big fire in the open room, spend time knitting, and relish time outdoors.


On this trip, we had some of the coldest days of the month and on Saturday it was too cold and windy for hiking.  Plus it was snowing.  So we spent most of yesterday driving around and getting out for quick stops.  Then the afternoon was spent knitting by the fire, which was luxurious.  The temps warmed up into the 40s today and it was sunny and not as windy, so we were able to hike.  One of my favorite hikes is around the lake.


It’s a beautiful walk all year long, but I’m especially fond of it in late autumn and winter.  That’s when most of the foliage is fallen from the trees and the branches contrast elegantly against the slate blue water.  Seed pods stand as testament to the myriad of summer flowers that had graced this trail.  Although you can’t see it in these photos, signs of spring were all around.  I’ll share more pictures throughout the coming week.  In the meantime, enjoy these winter shots of the lake



Blessings to you,


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